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Review of HON 401K, Pension Fund, Retirement Benefits and CS Plans
Welcome to the resource for Honeywell Savings Programs. This includes all Honeywell savings and retirements plans, namely the 401K and retirement benefits. You will find investment information specific to Honeywell’s programs including eligibility requirements for participation in the program. You will also find the rules governing matching contribution and vesting interests.

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This site is for current, past and prospective (future) Honeywell employees. While you might find some general information here useful if you are not currently or were never involved with Honeywell directly, the site is clearly designed for individuals who direct employees of Honeywell International. This site however does not discriminate from the various Honeywell Specific Business Units (SBUs).

Honeywell Logo If you are a brand new Honeywell employee, will be working for Honeywell in the future or are simply evaluating the possibility of employment with Honeywell; you are going to want to start by reading the Honeywell Summary.

For more specific information on rules and regulations concerning the program see the general information on the Honeywell Savings Plan or find perspective and withdrawal information on the Honeywell Retirement Plan explanation.

Follow these links for specifics on the Honeywell 401K or Honeywell Pension including how it is calculated.

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This website ( is designed and operated by former Honeywell employees to educate current, past and future employees with Honeywell International. The information presented here is designed to be educational and provide easy to access answers to commonly asked questions. This includes, program eligibility requirements, matching contribution rules and vesting interest schedule. It also includes third party information such as 410K rollover info and other general investment advice.

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Before making any decisions about your Honeywell retirement, pension and 401K benefits be sure to consult with your local HR representative and direct manager. You can also find additional information and the official resources on and the Honeywell Savings Program Site.

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